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by Transgriffin

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Artwork by Lexington through the ages.

You are now entering the heartpiece of this website; the collection of visions, so to speak.

It ain't easy organizing roughly a quarter century of art into themes, so I decided to do a three-category split between refined art, drafts, and general mature content, and finally opted for a gallery of decades to present my works in.

Mature artwork is exempt from the sorting-by-decade, since the significant majority of it was only made within the most recent decade.

The artwork within the categories is sorted new-to-old, so that the latest art will be on top.

Click on the year spans to read a commentary on the decade. Clicking on the thumbnails opens a full view page with an image description.

Mobile users - It's currently not gonna be much fun to navigate my gallery. I apologize.

- Lexington

This website is under construction! Some links may be non-functional and some pages empty.


Artwork that I consider technically finished and personally satisfying.


The turn of this decade came with its fair share of drastic life changes.

Location changes. Social circle changes. Belief changes. Identity changes. Health changes. Awareness changes.

Coming to terms with this avalanche of deeply life-altering transformations came along with the tooth-grinding task of navigating the adaptation of a new understanding of the past. A tough time that heavily drained me of my artistic juices for long streaks of time.

And yet, I have content to fill this page with. With gratitude. With a smile on my face and warmth in my heart for the people who inspired me to keep going and to explore new places within my spirit. For the new connections I've made and the amazing friendships I've been blessed with.

Onward is the only direction.


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The founding years of my craft were the founding years of my identity.

I soon began discovering the digital medium, though it would take me another decade to find solid ground in it.

The social outcast kid that I was, often found his only source of peer recognition through the artwork that he made.

But most importantly, he sought to express his inner self through his imagination.


Art that I consider rough, and projects that I have abandoned.


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Many of my older works did not survive the test of time, therefore this gallery represents a completely different chapter of my life than most of its "Refined" counterpart of the same decade.

The end of the 2000s opened a frightening arena for me to navigate through. I dreamt myself back into my childhood, but I was proud of the evolution that my art had achieved.

I became mildly obsessed with comparisons of old art vs. new art and re-drew some of my original characters. One of them, I wish their original rendition had survived to be seen.

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