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About Lexington

Lexington (he/they) is a Germany-based digital artist and photographer.

He identifies as a neurodiverse, gay, gender-enigmatic trans guy and a romantic Satanist.

His spirit emerged into existence in Switzerland of June 1995.

Some of their favourite things in life are Astronomy, Paleontology and Zoology. He is a passionate learner, always seeking to expand his horizons and better his understanding of the beauty of life, and draws his spirituality from these explorations of science.

Lexington enjoys Sous-Vide cooking, stargazing, birding, petplay, collecting figurines, furry fandom, Kaijū Eiga, storytelling analysis, and has gone through a broad palette of artistic endeavours during the course of his life, including but not limited to: Cosplay and practical effects, miniature painting, digital and clay sculpting, poetry, playing guitar, and writing.

He currently works as a video editor and graphic designer for the Genderful Podcast.

Online-Aliases include: Gryphomet, Lex Asterion, Transgriffin, Trashgriffin (obsolete)

Selfie of Lexington in front of a bright tiled wall

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Quick Info
  • Gender and Sexual Identity: Nonbinary, gender-enigmatic trans man/guy/dude/boy. Allosexual, demiromantic, gay. Very sex-positive, Kinkster, Puppy.

  • Gender Words: Guy, man, boy, dude, sir, bloke, mister, bro, captain, comrade, friend, pal, puppy, good boy, he/they. Also transfag & fag.

  • Ethnicity: Latino & European

  • Spoken Languages: German, English, Spanish

  • Western Zodiac: Gemini

  • Neurodiversity & Disability: Inattentive ADHD, Chronic Depression, CPTSD

  • Favorite Season: Summer

  • Favorite Food: Sushi

  • Favorite Candy: Sour Glowworms

  • Favorite Scents/Tastes: Anything Coconut or Vanilla

  • Movies: Broadly, anything with practical SFX, creatures, monsters, space... Okay, to be more precise, I consider Jurassic Park my favourite movie. I am also an enormous fan of Godzilla/Gojira, of which I possess all movies (I'm very proud and fond of my collection!). I am also hugely enthusiastic about Horror flicks from the 80's and 90's - if Rick Baker (Star Wars, American Werewolf in London), Rob Bottin (The Howling, The Thing), Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff Jr. (Tremors, Starship Troopers) or Stan Winston (Terminator 1-3, Jurassic Park) have laid their hands on it, I'm sold. I also find Greg Nicotero's (The Walking Dead, Predators) SFX work highly enjoyable (I just don't know around when he started). I like both Star Wars and Star Trek (Although Star Wars can be quite a can of worms. Don't ask me about the Sequel trilogy, for I will rant for an entire year), though I am not so thoroughly familiarized with all things Star Trek (feel free to infodump on me if that's your special interest). Interstellar is a phenomenal movie. And The Dark Knight (Two Christopher Nolan movies in a row, ha). Dragonheart will always make me cry, so will The Iron Giant. Okay, this is supposed to be "quick facts", so consider me a Godzilla fanboy any day of the year.

  • Music Taste: Heavy/Nu/Thrash/Power/Death/Black/Gothic/Melodic Metal, Hard/Electronic/Gothic/Pop/Indie/Alternative/Progressive/Punk Rock, EDM, Synth/Retrowave, DnB, Electro/Emo Pop, New Prog, Orchestral Movie Soundtracks, and whatever the heck "Repo: The Genetic Opera" is.

  • TV Shows: Good Omens, The Expanse, Stranger Things, Our Flag Means Death, Lucifer, Extreme Dinosaurs, Gargoyles, American Dragon
Fun Facts
  • I don't believe in a real or literal Satan. To me, he's a literary figure that carries the heroic traits of someone who dared to rebel against a cruel, unjust and overwhelming power, like, say, Prometheus. Satan also never stops finding new ways to give meaning to his own existence, which I find deeply inspiring for my personal life. The passionate fire in his gaze and his hunger for life, for justice and for freedom just cannot be quenched. Lucifer and Satan are the same to me, but I am aware that views on this do differ.
    Likewise, all spiritual or metaphysical beings, to me personally, are a product of human imagination; A way for our ancestors to explain the unexplainable. As metaphors and cultural figures, I believe they still carry significance, even though I don't believe in their literal existence.

  • While I am not going to disclose my full name online for safety reasons, I'd still like to dedicate a few words to one part of it that I chose for myself. It carries a lot of meaning for me and I feel like my name calls to my being in the purest way possible. Lexington came from Lexus - I've been called "Lex" in online spaces for the longest time in my life. It's a name I feel comfortable with, so it was my first choice when I came out as trans. It just felt a bit too short after a while, and I needed to differentiate it from my fursona's name. Lexington means "town of the new law" and was a fitting choice, as I essentially re-booted my whole life during my egg cracking period. The Gargoyles cartoon as a secondary source of fondness for the name is an honorable mention.
    Close friends may call me "Lexy", with a "y", never an "i".

  • I might not look the part anymore, and my musical taste has wandered far and wide; but I still identify with goth, metal and punk culture. In fact, before I moved countries, my life went through the emo-metalhead pipeline from my teens to my early 20's. I still consider myself part of the "alternate scene".

  • Am I alterhuman? As I said, I don't believe in literal metaphysics. But there are creatures that resonate with me on a level so deep that I might as well consider myself analog to them. The gryphon, after all, has been something of a spirit guide to me. And the werewolf strongly symbolized my longing for identity and for breaking out of imposed norms and expected masks in favour of my true being. I've been fascinated with many creatures, mythological and biological, but these two have had a very special place in the development of my sense of self.

  • Another thing that has kept me company since my childhood is: Dinosaurs! And my love for them ranges from the palaeontological study of their ancestors to the photographic adoration of their present day forms: Birds.

  • I've practically been a furry ever since I could think, so approximately since 2004. I got interested in puppy play early in 2023 and really found myself flourishing in it since early 2024. Those two, intersectional lifestyles have helped me explore many sides of my own self; from the proud, weathered, persevering warrior, to the soft, needy, snuggly small boy. I've gotten to meet great and amazing people through them. Being a puppy and a furry are informed by, and inform, my life as alterhuman, and are very deeply ingrained in my identity.

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