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Unseen - 2022

Unseen - 2022

I was feeling really, really down when I drew this.

Unseen describes the way I felt quite well. When everyone saw a person in me that I have never really been. I had come out, but some humans in my life just weren't being supportive, and from others I had to hide my identity for longer.

It hurt so much to see the smiling faces of people that I love, calling me by a false name, stuffing me into a full body suit representing the wrong gender, wrong idea of me, wrong everything.

I posted this to my Discord friend group with an excerpt from Surface Pressure, a song from the movie Encanto, of course with an altered pronoun: "Watch as he buckles and bends but never breaks."

I just felt the pain of a thousand boulders falling down on me day by day, wounding, scratching, denting and cracking me, but I just wouldn't break. Because I wanted to live. I wanted to see the future.

The glowing red pentagram represents how my heart, however faintly, never ceased to glow with life.

I know who I am, and nobody can take that away from me.

But boy, does it hurt sometimes.

I took some mild inspiration from Alexandre Cabanel's "The Fallen Angel".

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