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Tyceus SFW Charsheet - 2021

TransCapybara Emoji 2021

A friend of mine needed a character sheet, as they had absolutely no reference for their actual character, only pictures of random Gore Magalas from the Monster Hunter series. So I offered to help.

The anatomy of these dragons was a bit challenging. I had to tone down the amount of detail, like, a LOT. The scales on these creatures are beautiful, but they are just a lot to take in and to draw.

The anatomy of the skull was interesting, as the eyes are quite far in the front, and the snout extremely short compared to what I'm used to. And those horns just work differently from other dragons, they're more like tendrils than horns, but not quite as flexible. Something in between.

During my work on this I hit a horrible depressive episode that lasted for a few months. I withdrew a lot from my online friends to the point where they believed I'd never make a return. But I did, and then I delivered this piece, and its shaded versions, finished.

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