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TransCapybara Emoji - 2021

TransCapybara Emoji 2021

For the Pride Month celebration in Meowster's Clowder of 2021, we had a Talent no Talent-Show hosted in the server's VC and it was a ton of good fun.

We had people pole-dancing, playing guitar, showcasing their creative endeavors, and I fondly remember my good friend using the event to release his first music track that included his singing voice - which he provided live in VC.

It was a magical moment to witness, as he had been involving me in a lot of his creative processes, and I'd been nothing but proud and excited.

This drawing was my entry to the show, provided as a sped-up drawing video.

This sticker remains one of the server emotes and even Twitch emotes on GenderMeowster's channel (with the !capy command) to this day, and the person it was dedicated to sported it as her avatar way into 2023.

I feel very honored that such a small, simple little thing that I created for the community has made someone feel so appreciated.

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