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Indomitable Spirit - 2023

Indomitable Spirit - 2023

Perfectionism had long been plaguing my creativity. I had been working in Photoshop for a good amount of years, with a short intermission of Krita when I still had my Intuos4.

Some other artists online inspired me to give Clip Studio Paint a shot, and I have to say - I've never looked back!

CSP, together with the help and inspiration of a good friend of mine, helped me let loose with my technique. I threw the pixel-perfectionist out the window. And after a first NSFW drawing that made me quite happy, I felt super inspired to create a more meaningful piece.

Who do I feel that I am inside? Who is that being who had been sleeping in the depths of my heart for decades that has now been awakened?

I pictured ancient spirits and beast deities, dragons and guardian lions, and the majestic portrayals of such entities that I had always been in awe of. How their appearance alone was drenched in majesty, in power, in complete uncontainment.

I needed to draw Lexus like one of those spirit beings. Bursting out of my body like a genie out the bottle, ready to strike with all of his power of ancient stars, with absolute certainty of who he is and what he's worth.

This picture fuels me with so much energy. Probably never before has any art that I've made captured the essence of my spirit so well.

I've printed it and hung it on my wall to remind me of who I am every single day. And I am very proud of this picture.

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