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Ralos/Silasanzi - 2021

Ralos/Silasanzi 2021

I found a friend in an intersection of communities, someone who had a lot of wonderful ideas that have seldom been brought to life through images.

I believe that their shapeshifting mage character was one of their longest-standing characters. And being me, I couldn't pass up the chance to bring a dragon from the realm of imagination to life in digital color.

All I had was the owner's imagination and a pretty, blue dragon-head badge they had gotten at a convention.

Maybe the color palette wasn't my best-balanced choice as in saturation and hues, and the silver sparkles look more like freckles than anything else, but I'm quite fond of the nebulous wing-pattern.

A long while after I had drawn this, the owner of the character told me that they had mixed up their characters, and that the dragon was actually called Silasanzi.

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