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Anakin's Nightmare - 2020

Anakin's Nightmare 2020

There was once a time when I was semi-active on Tumblr, mostly engaging with the slash fiction community surrounding Star Wars ships like Kylux and Obikin.

One time I decided to give it a shot and participate in the Obikin Big Bang, an organized content-creation-run by a pool of writers and artists. Each writer teamed up with an artist and the goal was to create a fanfiction with a set amount of pages, along with a set amount of artwork to accompany the story.

Sadly I was battling with depression when I signed up for this, and my writer also had to back out mid-project for personal reasons. So this is the only existing product from our collaboration.

In this fanfiction, Obi-Wan was stuck in a time-loop, forced to watch Anakin fall to the Dark Side again and again and again. The act pictured is an attempt to break the time loop. Whether he succeeded or not, we will never know.

The finalization of this piece was extremely rushed, as obvious by the quality differences between Obi-Wan and Anakin. And the background goes to show my lack of interest with drawing backgrounds.

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