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Aidyn Du'Tzal - 2021

Aidyn Du'Tzal 2021

In 2021, the year I cracked my trans egg, I frequented TTRPG-Twitter and found community with a lot of wonderful people creating their own art and telling their own fantasy stories.

I joined the Discord of a developing TTRPG called "Zin Never Dies", and of course I immediately felt drawn to their avian race, the "Tower Dwellers".

My first character, Aidyn Du'Tzal, was genderless, used they/them pronouns and sported Nonbinary-colored robes as they lived their life as an Artificer apprentice.

Aidyn's last name was made using the Tower Dwellers' naming convention to use a particle that indicated their profession - "Du" for Artificers - and then a second part to choose for oneself. I chose "Tzal" for "Quetzal" (Pharomachrus mocinno), one of my favourite birds.

Dexterity was their absolute feat, despite literally having no arms. But I imagined that they'd have a deftness similar to that of modern Crows, or Parrots.

I joined the creators of the game on stream one day and showed them my artwork and they were really hyped about seeing someone creating art out of the world they had built.

I fondly remember that moment, the joy and happiness in their faces. They compared it to someone writing a song for something you created. I was not expecting such a reaction but it made me very happy. I loved that.

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